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Find Stillness.

“We are all just walking each other home” - Ram Dass


During a dyad, or co-meditation, we are offered an opportunity to get in touch with our most common human longing – to feel connected, and to overcome feelings of separation and solitude. With the assistance of the clear structure of the dyad, Sara, as the facilitator, holds an intentional space for you, creating an intimacy and trust. This trust helps you open up and express our truth, meeting whatever arises with unconditional acceptance and love. 


Sessions can focus on welcoming whatever is present at the moment, or to work with a specific emotion, thought, or belief you’d like to explore. We aim to move past the cognitive process and into the somatic experience of feeling, witnessing the changing experiences in real time, the realization that everything – everything – comes and goes.


This practice can be done in person one-on-one, or over Skype, Facetime, or phone call. Please book a 45-minute session – 35 minutes will be spent in active meditation, and the remainder spent on settling in and closing up. Dyad can be booked in conjunction with another practice (Yin yoga, reiki, or Yoga Nidra), or on its own. 

Sara is one of three iRest Teachers on Oahu.

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