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Learn and grow. 

Yoga is proven to benefit children of all ages, bringing awareness to their bodies, to their breath, and to mindfulness from a young age. Yoga has also been found to be particularly beneficial to children with special needs by accentuating their strengths and reducing stress.


Overall, studies show yoga reduces stress and anxiety in children, but more than that, it teaches them the power of self-control.


When I teach kids’ yoga, I watch as they naturally harness their innate wisdom, make mind-body connections, and realize that slowing down and connecting with our breath actually feels good. Yoga creates space for us to practice patience and develop appreciation for our bodies—these are priceless, lifelong tools that keiki can begin to exercise now.


Our mantra in keiki yoga is “Peace begins with me.”


Can you imagine anything better than a world filled with peaceful children who grow into peaceful adults?

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