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"Sara's intuition guides her to create individualized treatments for each one of her clients, creating long lasting feelings of

peace and relaxation."

- Mary B.

In modern Hebrew, Sara means “woman minister” – someone who attends to the needs of others. This captures the very essence of Sara. From an early age, she was always concerned with helping others and improving the world around her. 


Growing up in Washington’s Olympic Rainforest, Sara developed her love of nature and a deep connection to the sea. This connection led her to Oahu, where she has lived for 11 years with her family. Oahu’s natural beauty, coupled with the spirit of Aloha, has been the perfect environment for Sara to continue her passion in life: healing others through reiki, yin yoga, and yoga nidra.


Helping clients restore the natural balance of life.


While pursuing a degree in acupuncture, Sara craved balance. She began to supplement her frenetic schedule with yin classes and exercised the practice of simply being.


Yin yoga was the peace/piece that was missing in her life, and she realized her desire to spend more time with her family eclipsed the desire for a degree in acupuncture, but was determined to use the knowledge she gained and the skills she already possessed to focus on the gentle healing of others. 


Sara realized there was indeed a space for her to practice what she loved and be a consistently present force in her family’s life. Deciding to focus on her love of healing others and explore the overlooked practice of making space – in our minds, in our bodies, and in our breath – Sara began Ka Malu.

Sara has over 8 years of experience in reiki healing and energy movement. She is one of three iRest Teachers on Oahu. Sara creates space through stillness in her private and group yoga classes on Windward Oahu for clients all ages.


Reiki level 1 Practitioner, certified in Amesbury, MA 

Reiki Level 2 Practitioner, certified in Kailua, HI 


RTY 200 Yoga Alliance Certified yoga instructor Kailua, HI

10 additional hours in Yin Yoga training Kailua, HI


iRest Level 1 Yoga Nidra Meditation Training Boise, ID


"In some of the more difficult times in my life when the issues were mostly emotional and heart-centered, her reiki sessions were intensely healing, and I felt a

huge weight lifted from me.

Sara has a soothing, graceful

and pure presence, and the love that flows through her is

very, very powerful stuff."

- Christine


Sara combines her breadth of knowledge and practice to create an experience unique to every client, every time. Fusing elements of Chinese medicines, yin/yang, and meridian theories with energy work through reiki and yoga asanas, she focuses on the whole person – identifying what is needed, and helping her clients achieve it.

Sara infuses her background in Chinese medicine into each of her practices – her deep understanding of meridian and yin/yang theories merge seamlessly into both Reiki and Yin yoga sessions. 


Sara’s Yin classes focus on targeted meridians, and the benefits of and associations with each energy pathway are explained during the class. These can be tailored to the individual needs of private clients and combined with recommended acupressure points in conjunction with any session.


Depending on which meridians are blocked during a Reiki session, Sara will offer targeted Yin poses and acupressure points, if applicable, to empower each client to participate actively in their healing post-session.


When appropriate, Sara turns to the circadian rhythm chart, correlating meridians to the client’s individual sleep patterns to further identify energy blockages. This can be an especially helpful tool when working with clients who have disrupted sleep patterns.


Ka Malu


Malu: Hawaiian for sheltered, protected, peaceful, quiet, safe, and strength.


Ka: Emphasizes Malu

This Hawaiian word embodies all the elements Sara aspires to bring to her clients through her practices. Creating a safe, peaceful place for clients to find strength, feel protected and safe, and find a quiet moment.

The 3 ti leaves in the logo are an ode to the healing powers of the sacred plant thought to bring strength, protection, and wisdom. The space between the lines of the leaves symbolizes the space Sara seeks to create through the stillness – the slowing down – of the mind, the body, and the breath, in her practices.


What will we find when we slow down, tune into our bodies, and allow ourselves to simply be?


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